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TV Azteca, S.A.B. de C.V. is a Mexican multimedia conglomerate owned by Grupo Salinas. It is the second-largest mass media company in Mexico after Televisa. It primarily competes with Televisa and Imagen Televisión, as well as some local operators. It owns two national television networks, Azteca Uno and Azteca 7, and operates two other nationally distributed services, adn40 and a+. All three of these networks have transmitters in most major and minor cities.

One of their recent employees shared inside information about their work experience at TV Azteca: The bonuses suck and the salary is terrible. There are a lot of layers in managerial and organizational positions means there's literally no opportunity to grow within this company as an employee. There's a very conflictive working environment between departments. There's frequent internal political squabbles, rotation of leadership and a myopic view of their own strengths and weaknesses.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No growth (most of the analysts are 30 years old) Old school procedures 2 hours of mealtime Location Softwares"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The people here aren't happy. Pass through the halls and you will likely be presented with somber faces and a dissatisfied energy that bounces of the old dark and drab hospital-like walls. Say "good morning" or "hello" and you'll be lucky to get a response, people seem to avoid wasting their energy on someone who may be slightly chipper or simply a happy person in general. I judged those people for a while, not understanding how one could carry such a clouded mindset and aura about them, until I slowly realized why. Months will pass without a note of appreciation for your hard work then soon years, for those of us who choose to go the extra mile--may that be answering the phones on your lunch, staying a while longer to finish a project for someone or simply push your limit for the betterment of the role/company. Soon you will note that close to ALL upper management find themselves too important to acknowledge who you are or greet you with a "hello" or "how are you". However, heaven forbid you make a mistake and you will be yelled at or spoken to in such a condescending matter it will make you question why you would choose to spend your time here. Raises, highly unlikely. Perks? What are those? "I have to work on Christmas Eve?" You betcha! Don't expect much but the minimum--if that. This is how it goes: First you'll feel like a ghost, no one cares who you are or why you're there (unless they need something from you). Then you become a slave to the system (no room for growth, "it's not in the budget"--get used to hearing that), then a zombie (you stop caring, roaming the halls with the expectation of being laid off ) and lastly a monster (one of those dissatisfied/unhappy people I spoke of before who cares less than to smile at a new person who is thrilled & ready to make a difference). That's when I knew it was time to go, that isn't the person I wanted to be. Just don't do it, if you can help it."


"Salary, PTO, Management, old school mentality + still use lotus notes as email!"

Former Employee - Motion Designer says

"very bad managment, no transparency, no room for growing, low pay, tv azteca is very used to move in a monopolic enviroment so the existence of internet (netflix, youtube) have been affected their bussines practices, they are now competing worldwide and they are not prepared at all, this generated haundreds of people fired in 2015"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Outsourcing contracts, no benefits, low wages, in general terms the company does not look after the interests of its employees. It is difficult to grow professionally."


"It is not clear even after the internship whether they will have an opening for you. They keep a very tight production and it's not the perfect environment to grow in if you want a place to work up in."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Salary on the low side"


"It is hard to work when there is so much internal conflict among team members. Not much opportunity for career advancement."

Financial Analyst says

"Unorganized work. Last minute calls. Everybody have a scapegoat in case they do something wrong, but if someone with less hierarchy does an error then you are the only one to blame, even if they help or silenced the error. Very good people with lots of talents were once in Azteca America, but the organization and the director get rid of them. People with lesser value but with sharp tongues are close to the functional head and ripping apart the organization with short term profits and speculative views. Unofficially I had two bosses. Just to cover the main one in case the other screw up."

Former Employee - Media says

"They pay is not very good and you will have to work more than 8 hours per day"

operador de produccion (Former Employee) says

"las gerencias desconocen los procesos de laborales, solo idealizan"

Apoyo al area de producción y edición (Former Employee) says

"psimo lugar para trabajar, pesimo ambiente, mal sueldo"

Producción (Former Employee) says

"Trabajé dos años, existen pocas posibilidades de crecimiento por talento propio, no hay prestaciones, aguinaldo, días festivos, bonos, horas extra (que vaya se trabajan muchas), seguros, no aumentan los sueldos, hacen despidos masivos de algunas de las locales como Puebla, en fin, pésimo lugarNadaTodo lo anterior"

Chofer ejecutivo y de personal (Former Employee) says

"es una empresa que descuida a su personal y solo busca su beneficio propio no le importa la vida ni la salud de su personal puesto que los explota asta el cansancio y mas aya y las unidades de traslado no es tan en condiciones adecuadas para la realización del trabajo y los jefes y supervisores e incluso el dueño de la misma empresa no les interesa nada mas que su bolsillo y que todo el trabajo salga y si ay algún error es problemas del operador y es sancionado en ocaciones sin aver averiguado nada de como se sucito el problema.mucha experiencia en manejo en carreteras y conocimiento de lugarescero apoyo dela empresa acia sus colaboradores ni seguro medico"

Apoyo en Asuntos personales (Former Employee) says

"te explotan ya que los horarios son muy largos y el dinero que te pagan es muy poco, no hace que valga la penapagan por honorarios"

montador (Former Employee) says

"No tienes incentivos y no puedes progresar ni tienes voz y voto hay y trabajas doce horas diarias seis dias a la semana evaluacion es mala"

Business MKT Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"Pésima empresa, falta de visión. Jefes coercitivos, no existen lideres. No hay prestaciones comenzando por la falta de seguro social, el inmueble es muy viejo y los lugares de trabajo de lo peor. Existe mucho nepotismo y corrupción dentro de la empresa.NingunoTodo"

Asistente de Casting. (Former Employee) says

"Sería una buena empresa si apoyara a sus producciones con más capital para poder hacer un espectáculo de primer nivel.ContactosLa gente superior prefieren amistad a trabajo."

Asistente de Locaciones (Former Employee) says

"Its amazing the training you can get working in set or location. Work with a crew conformed of 70 or 100 its tremendous. Its all energy. The illumination staff is composed of all quality people. The only cons are that workers doesnt have extra hours payment and the journey are of 20 hours per day. Only actors and directors have extra payment by extra hours. Other one, at difference of directors and actors, you are not going to be hired by Azteca. Trienio is the intermediary enterprise between the common workers and Grupo Salinas.experiencejourneys, security, extra hours"

AUXILAR ADMINISRATIVO (Former Employee) says

"Aprendi a ser ma responsable en el area de admnisyracion en base a lo que iba aprendiendo dia a dia. Lo divertido y lo que mas me gusto fue que teniamos 2 horas de comida lo cual ni se sentia el estress.ImssSabados y domingos dias de descanso."

Scoting, locaciones (Former Employee) says

"Piden puro pasante de carrera no dan oportunidad a los que ni estudiaron Universidad pero tenemos el conocimiento empíricoAyuden a la gente que tiene el conocimientoSe me hace una empresa elitista"

VP General Manager, KAZA TV54 (Former Employee) says

"stressful place to work at you don't learn anything management has no clue you have to be part of the "IN" group the people who work there are good peoplenothingeverything"

Área de ventas (Former Employee) says

"un clima de trabajo muy organizado ,y su etica profesionalseguro medicodescaso"

Reportero (Former Employee) says

"Eres un esclavo de esta empresa, no vales nada, hay luchas de poder y mucha hipocresía.InfluenciasHorario, Salario"

Periodista (Former Employee) says

"Existe gente muy valiosa, profesional y capacitada, lamentablemente existe mucha inestabilidad. Respecto al ambiente laboral es bueno, así como la capacitación que se le da al personal.cultura laboral, buen ambiente, buenos salariospoca estabilidad, no hay prestaciones"

Productor asociado (Former Employee) says

"El personal de RH y administración son deficientesTienes servicio médicoContrato por outsorcing, sin prestaciones ley, no antiguedad, estresante"

chofer ejecutivo (Former Employee) says

"pues yo trabaje con un director demasiado borracho he irrespetuoso con todos sus allegados en lo personal me lleve una mala imprecion porque la empresa es buena pero sus ejecutivos como el lic. oscar guevara es un tipo abusivo prepotente de mal caracter que te hace trabajar hata las seis o cin co o cuatro de la mañana no importandole nada en razon a tu vida familiar te insulta te somete etc yo si quisiera regresar a la empresa pero no con un jefe como este tatalmente diferente a don lic. julio derbez del pino ahora finado excelente trato educado y sobre todo comprometido con su empleo no como el abusivo de oscar guevara dir. de vecipresidencia juridico.suno hay descanso por las madrugadas fuera de horario y sin pago de extras"

Sastre (Current Employee) says

"Tienen gente que se dedica a manchar la imagen de la empresa y humlllar al personal"


"La empresa es buena televisora, pero en ciertos programas son convenencieros y discriminativos."

contraloria (Former Employee) says

"pésimo lugar para trabajar, jornadas laborales excesivas hasta la madrugada en cierre y tarde casi todo el mes, no tienes vida, poco reconocimiento laboral, aumentos esporádicos y solo si te cambias de puesto, posibilidades de crecimiento porque es una empresa muy grande, dan prestaciones superiores a la ley y aprendes muchoprestacioneshorarios de trabajo"

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